Our PCBA based product manufacturing handles a wide range of assemblies, from
single PCB assemblies to PCBA  integrated into box-build enclosures. We support high
and low-mix PCBA for volumes that range from a few to a few million. pcba thailand ,
pcb assembly

PCBA capabilities include:

SMTPTH, mixed technology       
-  Fine pitch, TQFPQFPQFN
-  PCBA Advanced SMT assembly 
-  PCBA Manual insertion of PTH (axial, radial, dip)        
-  PCBA No clean, aqueous and lead-free processing         
-  PCBA Peripheral process capabilities         
-  Pressfit back planes & mid planes    
Device programming
Ultra Sonic Cleaners
-  Special Environment coating for PCBA 

          Our equipment supports a wide range of components, from 0402 chips
to BGAs, CSPs and large odd-shaped components up to 150mm long.

Box Build

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